LISTEN TO THUS III FREE and donate if you wish - the most epic album to date - these songs are odes to solitude, connection, and modern human identity while we search for intelligent life, exploring artificial intelligence, breach new galactic fromtiers, and how we all relate to one another as fellow travelers in time and space.

I’ve poured 5 1/2 years into this record and while I could probably work another 5 years on it, it’s poignant here and now. So happy holidays!


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Full steam ahead 

The final sessions of THUS III are happening through the end of 2017! With relocation and personal events behind me, there's nothing to hold back the final couple songs. It's been a very long road - 5 1/2 years by the time the album will drop, but it will ben worth it as the THUS III sessions also yielded THUS IV. TIII is very much a concept album but don't let that scare you - its very tuneful and the focus is always on making each song an emotional experience. THUS III is everything you want - 50% classic…

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"The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish."

-Charlie Chaplin 

Protect diversity, spread love and acceptance, and free your speech. 

Download 4 free tracks specially selected to spread the message now.

WE are the people. Not a president pressured out of his silence. Not the misguided souls spreading hate.

Free speech and education are the weapons. 



Chris Cornell 

1 week since Chris departed. Whatever the sad circumstances of his passing, he left his fans in a fortunate state: we still have the music. Although a handful of gifts, like his blaring tenor, adept musical capacity, and perseverance, comprised a worthy legacy, Chris's lyrics are what I enjoyed most.  

"...Forget how soon you become a fool for words when I speak...",  

"...I only love you when I'm down but one thing for you to keep in mind is I'm down all the time" 

"...every hurtful thing you ever…

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January 12 show and concert film at Dusk 

Joined by Sexcoffee and , we had a fantastic evening at Dusk in Providence RI. Owner Rick Sunderland was an energetic and gracious presence throughout the night - thanks again Rick! We opted to do our own sound as we recorded the show and had it filmed to cut a film together in the near future. Expect to see that here soon...
Billed as our final show before my relocation to Seattle, we put every ounce of energy and practice into our performance and the crowd showed us a good time. Many thanks to everyone who…Read more

Bass Tracking Sessions 

Steve and I are picking up THUS III sessions this week tracking bass. We started with a song called 'Eras To Eons' which sounds like A Perfect Circle and The Beatles. Next week we move on to 'Peace On Mars.' If the title reminds of David Bowie, you get it. It isn't unlike late period Bowie, which in my humble opinion is his best work.  



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