Our Story

Darkwell mike

My name is Mike Scudieri. I'm writer, producer, and pricipal performer in THUS. There's been a steady decline in the amount and quality of rock music in the last 15 years. I'm trying to fix that. I love melody, harmony, and rhythm, and writing about what I feel, observe, and imagine.

THUS began as a recording project intended to attract band mates. I simultaneously wrote and recorded what would become the first album at home during an emotional 4 months in late 2006. Upon completion I felt they possessed enough character not only to attract band members but to release as an album online. Through the next couple years there were a couple incarnations of the band which played live but never recorded. The 2nd album came about in a very different way. It was written and recorded over a period of 4 years, and was a much bigger production than the 1st. The style had evolved into a nearly progessive style with various feels and a few different time signatures. In an effort to exemplify the musicality of these two albums and avoid being tagged as a local metal project I recorded acoustic rearrangements of a number of songs. This was the Unplugged Ep. 

The music benefits I think from the fact that I write and perform purely off of emotions; fueled by the experiences I take to heart in life. Possessing constant access to ones innermost feelings seems to be what makes great art. The will to communicate it to the world is a whole separate operation. That's why until the past year I've avoided assembling a band to play concerts.

With the 3rd and 4th albums imminent, I'm currently half way through auditioning musicians to perform in the band and take it as far as possible. Check out the music. Let it take you somewhere and keep coming back.

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