CALL TO ARMS FOR THUS FANS WITH WRITING CHOPS: Write your full review of 'THUS II' for use on the launch of the official website! Give your thoughts on the albums gapless format, comment on the arch of the material, talk about the lyrics or the music, or any angle of 'THUS II' you feel compelled toassert your opinion on. Please be well acquainted with the whole album! ~ Participants will receive EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED THUS MATERIAL...send your review to: get this thing viral and…Read more

'THUS II' Cover Art Sneak Peak & Conceptualization 

This is the final image that will grace 'THUS II'. The trifold art (top of the blog) is still being included with the CD, but I wanted to create a single unifying image for the cover that would really encompass the arch of the music, as opposed to choosing one of the three images as an incomplete glimpse into a much larger picture. This image actually incorporates the images of the trifold art...if you look closely. The 'arch' to which I earlier reffered is really simply the lineage of life experiences…

THUS II: A Lesson in the Art of Staying Inspired 

Why did this thing take SO frickin long? Let me start from the beginning... I was working on the first album in 2006 and finished January 12 2007. I was pretty fresh out of my audio engineering degree program, and determined to make that first collection the best I could. I had access to a highly successful, world renowned producer/audio engineer Toni Maserati (right >>) who's mixed the material of artists from David Bowie to Notorious B.I.G., Christina Aguilera to The Talking Heads...get the picture? I had…Read more


I finished 'THUS II' early this week and I've been relaxing (well, relaxing my brain anyway...busy otherwise). I took the album on the long awaited car speaker test a couple days later and was amazed afterward when I physically felt a huge weight off my shoulders. It sounds terrific and it's a worthy heir to the first album. A year ago I wouldn't have believed any of this would come to pass. But here it is, better than I envisioned it. I'm still letting out the long sigh of relief so bear with me. Haha...So…Read more

THUS II...Mysterious Ways... 

My M-Box (the interface which connects musical equipment to Protools software) was knocked to the ground by my cat about a year and a half ago. The faceplate came off, but remained tethered to the body of the the internal wiring. In the months that followed, the strained wiring started inhibiting my work. I would hear crackling in some of my takes as I recorded and my headphones would cut in and out. I learned to deal with these infractions and even threw an elastic around the body and…Read more


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