Official THUS webpage launch!! 

Hey - launched officially this week! Go check out tracks from THUS Unplugged and the newly remastered THUS II Standard Edition. Listen to and discover the history of each release, watch videos, get updates, and check out other Scudieri artists! Even share with the world on facebook. Go enjoy, please drop me a line with suggestions, and keep an eye out for lots more cool additions slated for the next few weeks...

Shows, website, and NEW music: The 2014 411n 

2013 turned out to be even more productive than '12. 'THUS Unplugged' EP has belatedly turned out terrific---the songs are up somewhere but I can't say just yet...
A huge creative burst took place after rerecording I & II. So much so that both THUS III & IV are under way. III is really coming along and I don't doubt you'll be hearing it by late spring. If you're following on Facebook you've seen progress, and recently a tentative track list for it. There's some serious exploration on the new one. IV is…Read more

Lyric Philosophy (Part 1) 

Lyrics   If you're the type of person who 'doesn't listen to lyrics', imagine the songs you listen to without the words. Would you still listen to them? We all listen to lyrics even if we don't focus on them. They are important in popular music because we are accustomed to hearing a dominant melody delivered with words over music. So what makes a good lyric? It's a great question...and a terrible one because as with any art, it's whatever the artist thinks it should be. So all I am discussing is what…Read more

'Unplugged EP' & 'THUS III' Update 

In the final weeks of 2012, I began expanding on the idea of including two unplugged bonus tracks with 'THUS 2012 Redux' and the long gestating 'THUS II Standard Edition'. Feeling good about re-imagining the two songs, it felt worthwhile to continue. Now there are a total of 7 tracks which will see release as an 'Unplugged' EP, upon completion of 2 of the tracks.   I've mostly avoided the simple task of regurgitating the songs in their original states on acoustic guitars, instead repurposing the original…Read more

'THUS Unplugged' coming 2013 

'THUS Unplugged' is for the fans. Let me elaborate: The aim of this release is to shine new light on the original compositions. Serious time and effort has gone into THUS I & II,  and along the way many ideas are left by the wayside. As was apparent between the original release of THUS II and the revamped 2012 version, every song evolves over time until it's final release. Inevitably, there is always trimming, editing, and other difficult decisions to make. 'THUS Unplugged' is my opportunity to not only…Read more

'The Way We Want' From THUS II: Standard Edition 

Here is a look at what 'THUS II: Standard Edition' brings to the tabl!  Stellar 100% new studio recordings, perfect clarity, and a standard, non-gapless album format! Listen to THUS II like never before. Enjoy the following sneak peak of these meticulous rerecordings in the new robust version of 'The Way We Want'...

Why a 'THUS II' Rerelease? 

Yes. I already released THUS II in April 2011. There were several reasons for this 2012 rerelease. The album was originally built up from demos which were complicated even in demo form. So the fidelity was somewhat flawed. On top of that I was having difficulty with the entire writing process. 16 tracks, 2 of them acapella, was a hefty workload. Releasing the album and spending some time away from it gave me perspective on what I had accomplished- and what I'd skipped or fallen short of. I'm never happy…Read more

April/May 411 

April has been very productive...the secret project goes well...terrific actually. Of course I can't tell you anything about what I've been doing. You'll have to keep an eye out on the FB page for clues...if you figure it out, you'll be getting a copy of it. ;) (there's a clue) Have I been working on THUS music? You'll see...Prepping the website and getting THUS II Standard Edition ready for's gonna be a good year!

March/April 2012 411 

Yes, I've been somewhat flighty lately. Rest assured, many great things THUS related are in the works. I've been working hard to get THUS II Standard Edition up to par...and I'm working on something ELSE you don't know about, but you'll be very very pleased with. I want to tell you so bad...but I think this surprise is best kept close to the vest for now. I'm in talks with some professional designers/programmers who are making my website dreams come true. (You should see this thing! WOW) In the mean time…

THUS II Standard Edition: near completion 

I've just officially pulled an all nighter (again) polishing up THUS II...and I couldn't be happier! The sounds are coming through clearer than ever, vocals nice and clean, guitars much higher fidelity, beautiful bass re-recordings...I'm realizing how awesome these songs actually are for the first time now that I'm going back and pushing my production limits beyond anything I've done before. When I finish production this week, it will at long last be the end of this record. After all the crap I went through…Read more


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